I want to stand with you

I posted this in 2013 and felt the urge of posting it again.

Under my username as Summerwind, (aka windyweatherly), which I replaced in honor of the person who meant so much to me then.

With special thanks to Ondos who created this video.

Dedicated to all those in pain, like me and those who make the difference like my friend, Tess and Reguiny. Phil you taught me a lot and I am blessed to have met and be your friend.

Forever grateful,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
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lindsyjonesonline today!
The season of giving is fast approaching and I feel compelled to feel their pain, our pain. It is reported by UN that there is about close to 80 percent of the total population of the world to be living under poverty.

There is no justice to ignorance and poverty and I wish that we should not have people affected by these inequities but the truth is we can always help. We never know how life turns against us.

My heart bleeds for all these people and I am doing my best in helping as much as I can. Would join my hand in raising our awareness and what we can do to make this world a better place for everyone?

Thanks again. Thank you CS for this site.

lindsyjonesonline today!
I'm not sure but I think I just posted this.
I listened with sorrow : : : : :
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thank you rusbicwave

The world as we know is comprised of two thirds all living in poverty. Injustice of humanity and my question now is how can we fix it. Is it even fixable?
lindsyjonesonline today!
I can't help but hang on to this wonderful part of my life.
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