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A mermaid’s cry.

Lone in the ocean
Lost in the vastness
Tears rolling down
Shining like pearls in the
Showering moonlight
Sighs like the tempests
Contains the pain
Hushed cries deep within
Wind passes through her hair
As like silk flying in the sky
Shimmering in the distant glow.
Voice laden with sorrow
is broken in the wind
Chocking words
Gulped by the sound of waves
The songs of sorrow
Sung all the night
With heart burnt to die
The love was to die
Never to be returned
Songs never heard
Pain never seen
Cry goes in vain
The ears are far away
Where her song never go
Her love is lost
Somewhere in the wilderness
Her sailor fades away
The ship becomes a distant shade
Over the dark horizon
Painted by the pain of love.
Never to return
Never to hear this mermaid cry
Solely in the dark night
With a heart burnt to die .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
About this poem:
This poem is inspired by a true love story of a woman who lost her lover in a tragic boat accident but remain as the widow of her lover whom she never married . She spends rest of her love in his memmories . this love story is beautifully portraid in an Indian movie called" Ennu Ninte Moideen" means by your Moideen".

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This reminds me of the song Brandy by Looking Glass. It also reminds me of the scene in the Titanic movie where Jack is showing a picture he drew of this old woman waiting for her lost love.popcorn jackolantern
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