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You held something in your left hand

would it
then change

if you threw it and

caught it with



~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2015
About this poem:
deep .....perhaps yes, yet mind provoking

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Comments (2)

I juggle, and have a harder time juggling with my left hand than my right. I also write left handed, bowl right, and shoot right. I do most of my activities with my right hand. As far as thoughts, I wish there was a way to write them all down. It would be interesting to see how many were negative. I'm sure so far those would be the majority.confused daydream listen to music please santa waving
Bentleeonline now!
ambedextrious cool is that, not too many with a claim to flame of that. Prob some spell check needed for that, good on you for a multitaskin pair of arms lol, cheers
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