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Poem for Megan

For seven years I've longed for your love,
That's deep and blue as the ocean's bliss -
As winged she flies - a lonely dove -
Through the storm's eye in search of your kiss;-
No longer I'll watch the empty cove,
And dying waves that beg for a tryst -
For times tide has washed away
Each lonely year and empty day.

Till what we have now - a ghost of the past-
Though it still proves that we can hold
A sweet memory that will always last
Against these years a love untold.
I give the spring flowers a final blast -
To thaw the ice of my heart so cold;-
But the loneliness grows - a velveteen moss -
To patina the years that we both have lost.

Still my soul's tempest will not subside
An hour with you and I'd feel whole again
Loneliness drowns in the ebb of your tide
When love's quick fire burns in my veins; -
From my heart's longing I never can hide-
Though the years apart have bound us like chains;-
Where once we loved with hearts that were true -
Now loves faded rose cannot bloom anew.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2015

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Comments (13)

Yes, but I'm over it now, thanks for the
godsprincessonline today!
Yes - very sad but very sweet.

Kathy sad flower
Thank you, Kathy. Actually, this was written some time ago; (back when I was about 25). I had to wait for the magic of the internet, before I was able to
Beautiful poem! thumbs up
Hi, lovecanbereal,
As winged she flies - a lonely dove -
Through the storm's eye in search of your kiss;
...A sweet memory that will always last

Thanks for sharing this poignant Poem for Megan.
These are true words and a nice poem. It's how i feel about a guy i carry a flame for, for the past 12 years. I want to let go however i find myself holding on tighter to someone i will never see again.
I think we must let go; eventually; either this, or be destroyed...
godsprincessonline today!
Happened to run across this poem today and read it again LCBR - out of all your poems - this one to me was very beautiful and tugs at the heart strings. Haven't seen you lately - hope all is well.

Kathy wave
Lovely poem indeed.
I really like it.
Keep it up and stay true to your writing.
bouquet writing cool
Hi LCBR ..........Really enjoyed this intense and well written verse...... cheers mate ....... Regards Nu cool grin
Beautiful poem. It echoes my current situation.
Thanks, all, for the comments. I haven't been on here for a bit of a while.
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