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Sydney Sales Yard

A bonny mare if 'ere there was one
Stood tall in the Sydney Sales Yard.
The odds, the ring, the sales yard;-
And soon they beat her down.

The bid lot forty three, recall
(If memory serves me right)
Where stood there men as tough as nails
And bidding was a fight.

To and 'fro the bids were called
Until she was knocked down
to Eight Thousand -
For men in Blue Collars this was a lot of dough.

So Standardbred "miss milly molly"
Was walked out of the ring;-
"Not much to look at - a slender horse",-
One onlooker said;-
But he was not the man who bought her; -
Risking hard won bread.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2015

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