~Please, more sugar~

I'd stared at my thumb awhile
Stench of garlic
That found how
To defile the air.

As my mind was elated
To matter of fact.

Pigeon toed, knock knee'd
Slight, cross of an eye
As one shat the bed
One that's in single file.

Correcting political
Ways you must think
An order that brings light to this day.

Offensive, conducive,
Production of thought
Brings upon more
Internal depart.

Deep down inside
Your sugar coated thoughts
Reality is slim
As days pass that by.

Those seconds of thought
Where you've come to decide
Creating a base
For the future to come.

Political correctness
Will never make strong
The future that comes
When your


Life is gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2015
About this poem:
If you prefer the sugar coating, be sure to mention that in your will for generations to come! Don't like this, too bad, apparently you are part of the political correctness problem, that's the problem creating our now. Grow up and get some backbone will ya. Cheers and yeah I'm ok, I just say it how it is, and this is how it is!

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