~Cobble stone town~

Bell in hand
She whispered
Careful out there
A patented hug

A soft gentle kiss

Twas his night and be sure
He'd made plenty a rounds
Tellin the folk of that
Cobbeled street town.

He'd fallen for her
The first time he saw
The bucket she drew
From the towns covered well.

Now, those two had been loving, for many a year
He stayed on the path, never to veer
She did in the house, what had to be done
While he was away, working his time.

He worked all the docks
Unloadin the boats
That's what he did
During the day.

That dinner bell rang at six fourty five sharp
Never was late as his love kept him timed.

Together them two kept to their word
Their night times euphoric
Never extrude.

In the streets with his bell
As it rang in his hand
Tellin the folk
Cry'in the land.

It's been said
That his cry'ins
The love of his life.

That maybe true
She believe's that it is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2015

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beautiful sad flower
ty Luvu, I'm sure there are many that would love to have this/or do in their lives. wine
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