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A Lucid Dream

I can't wake up!
These succubi
They haunt me-
Another broken love -
Or a forgotten dream?

Trapped in this
Kaleidoscopic maze
Old movie vision
Flickers in my head
From the cinema
Of my life

Exited and restless
Under the sheets
I jolt myself
Half awake
Only to slide
Back into slumber
As time folds over itself

Your spirit must
Be astral travelling
Our spirits
Now ether bound
Co-mingle in the night

I am awake
Or am I?
I toss and turn
In a tangled mess of sheets
And suddenly
I'm walking down the hall
Or am I?
I seem to be floating
I wake with a start
Now agitated
And burning with desire.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016

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Comments (4)

Captured my attention. I hope you wake to read your comments lol! No, seriously I think it was very nice. Blessings, Pink.
Hmmmmmm...please let us know what happens when you awake
Tomorrow Morning! lol....
Thanks for the comment
Thanks for the comment
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