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Pools of changing hue,
Rippling halo’s of reflected street lights,
Through curtains of rain,
Your eyes sparkle blue.
You’re standing there in the winds restlessness,
An oasis of calm before the storm,
Watching the dark clouds against a velvet black sky,
Exuding intoxicating peacefulness.
Your gentle voice mingling in the breeze,
Of the same that was scorched by the desert sun,
Or raced along the snowy plains in Arctic freeze.
I hear you in my heart,
Brought to me on the whisperings of trees,
Though we’re thousands of miles apart,
Separated by lands, mountains and seas.
Not lonely but alone,
Ever constant in my mind,
A miracle, just for being,
Always you, my love, my home.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016
About this poem:
Hi everyone, Happy New Year!
I have just reworked this one to bring it up to date, hope you like it.
When I say "Home" in the last line, I mean it as a person, not where I live.

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Comments (10)

Andrew, Good to read from you. I really enjoyed your poem. I've missed you and many others. So happy you are well. Enjoy the new year. Hugz & Peace, Pink. wave
Well...hello Andrew. Have a terrific 2016!
marikiaonline today!
Exuding intoxicating peacefulness in the winds' restlessness, in desert sun and on snowy plains of Arctic! She must be most deserving of all to be heard in the heart, in the whispering of trees through thousands of miles! You are not lonely indeed, just a little bit alone. Very kind of you to post it, dear Andrew, thank you for sharing! Happy New Year!wine santa waving gingerbread
Thankyou Pink,it really is good to be back for a little while and get to see some familiar faces again....pleased you enjoyed it.....Andrew...xxxcool
How beautifully warmed my heart.
Thank youu for sharing this.
Well HELLO Hedi, its good to see you too, hope this year is a great one for you.....Kindest
Hello there Sir Andrew, and like Heidi said, I hope this year is going to be a good one for you and everyone.

A beautiful write that depicts the strength of a great love no matter the distance.

"I hear you in my heart,
Brought to me on the whisperings of trees,
Though we’re thousands of miles apart,"

Thanks for the read.bouquet wave

Thank you Marikia, a very happy New Year to you too, I am pleased that I seem to have managed to convey feeling to the reader with this one. Once again your kind words spur me on with my writing. Andrew...xxxcool
Thankyou DL, I am very pleased that you enjoyed it.....Andrew...xxxcool
Hello my friend... so glad some things never change... The beauty and captivation of your poetry being one of the them.. Big hugs and much love to you.. teddybear xxx
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