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The Porch

I was sitting on the porch, sippin tea
Watchin cars passing by
Lookin back at what I could see
My how the time seems to fly

Sometimes you gotta let it go
Turn the clock around
Don't you know
Sometimes love can't be found

Everyone ask why I'm alone
Everyone has a friend for me
I'm wonderin where the loves gone
This ol worlds not what it use to be

So I just wanna let it go
And turn the clock around
Don't you know
Sometimes love just can't be found
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2016

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Comments (2)

If I was on my front porch it would be ice tea even though its been certainly a warm winter.
Love is just very very hard to find here.
The reasons vary very much but in the end. Its a single journey.
Happiness in North America is journey self taught and lost in society since the invasion 400 plus years ago.I blame the greedy then of course the government but now what. More brainwashing by the man ?buddies
When you least expect it you will find love . Heartfelt poem teddybear
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