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Harmony has so many faces
Music , life , people and places
A simple word with so much depth
Its structured from simple respect
Respect of things to understand
Broaden your knowledge broaden your plan
To get in sync with things you know
An effort in life to make you grow
So when we talk about world harmony
We embrace the cultures of others you see
To reach out an offer an extended hand
A warm smile with no demand
Acceptance of others who maybe in need
Strangers in a country they seek to be free
Understanding how they must feel
Overcoming barriers to let them feel real
And what we may learn from the harmony we create
Is a world full of love to suppress the hate.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2016
About this poem:
My wife asked me to write something for her world harmony day ....I hope she approves

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Comments (8)

Buddy Nu this is as good as I ever read
I'm not sure if I could describe it better...
Sent my regards to my sweet sister and
I wish every word to become a reality

Thank you
Hey Morgen ....Thanks mate always appreciate your input ......hope all is well ......will pass on your blessings....regards Nugrin
This is a fabulous poem-she had to have liked it!(right?lol)
Wow... just great- and that last line is very thought-provoking. It never occurred to me- the possibility of a 'world full of love to suppress the hate'. And though we can't make the world be filled with love- just one warm smile, or a kind word- does a world of good.
So here's a smile, from the heart, for the two of you purple heart
Hi, Nuwahri61,
Although Harmony has so many faces, we all recognize it when it is in our midst. Thank you for sharing.
godsprincessonline today!
Lovely dream.

Kathy angel
Hi SCatlin........Yeah it's not hard to be nice to people even more strangers.........thanks for the kind words and thoughts ......,regards Nu
Hi Joy .......Thanks for your lovely comments regards Nu
Ah to dream GP ........there free limitless and can bring hope where needed and sometimes hope is all you need........Thanks for stopping by......regards nu
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