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From Me to You

There will be times when you are down
There will be times when you don't want to go on.
There will be times when you've lost your ground
There will be times when you feel all alone.
There will be times when you want to cry
Lay down and just wonder why.
But know that I am a thought away
Pick up the phone I will come to you any day
Cross the mountains and the sea
Nothing could stop little ol' me.
I will help you find your way
All you have to is say.
And I will help you to face your day.
There is no problem that is to great.
That we can't fix with a little fishing bait.
Grab a pole and I will grab the gear.
Don't forget the case of beer.
Let your troubles stay behind.
And we will use this time
And find. Another way to look at things.
And what your life can bring.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Written for my son. I had a friend remind me of what my son is going thru right now. My son lives far from me. And he knows what I say in the poem already.

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Comments (6)

Very supportive as mothers should be.
Sometimes just the thought that counts.angel angel
thank you...happy
Happygolucky4u - wonderful poem...i enjoyed the sentiment...thanks for sharingteddybear
trurorobonline today!
great! my friend!
Our children ^_^ Thank you for sharing teddybear
Hi, Happygolucky4u,
I love the lines That we can't fix with a little fishing bait. Grab a pole and I will grab the gear...the essence of being one with another (if one likes to fish!). Very nice sentiment. Thank you for sharing.
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