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On Cyber Bullying...

I am but a line of script
In an electronic sky
A scream in a cyber wilderness
Lines on a screen
I have no feelings
I have no existence
Just lines of script
To amuse or annoy
Or destroy
Merely an electronic toy
To pass the time between
Breakfast and
The teatime regional news
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2016
About this poem:
About cyber bullying, and the fact folk often forget its a real person at the other end of the computer connection, with real feelings and emotions...also about the loneliness we can feel in cyber space, when all seem to be having a good time except us...the reference to 'teatime regional news' is around 6pm in the uk, when local news programmes are normally shown on uk tv...

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Comments (1)

mcradloffonline today!
With this new toy brings the bullies yet another tool to torment people. Bullies really do have a lot of fun at other people's expense. I guess bullies will always be around, no matter what time period we happen to find ourselves in.devil very mad liar blah smoking snooty redclown typing
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