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Faded Angel

Lying on the grass in Newtown Cemetary
To see the setting Sun in his hot ire
Drown in a riot of colour - soon sparkling sky -
As Titan sinks now in a sea of fire.
Bright trace remains- although the day must die -
The sinking sun to night almost retired
In what will be a darkling mess of stars
Which mix full soon in moonlight's shining bars.

The dying light, with pink and scarlet shot
Through with indigo, and purple fading rays
Spans the sky now - above our Earthly lot
With colours dancing as the twilight fades.
This Sydney night hangs still and heavy - hot
The gloaming gone as darkness now invades -
Then all around me tends to soft charcoal
As true night time comes upon my soul.

Gravestones lean in odd black silhouettes
Jumble stones which cover these old lives
So old now that their ancestors forget
To tend these plots where memory survives.
With all feelings gone - of joy or of regret -
There is an angels face which now contrives
To show her rotten features old and pitted -
As the full Moon haunts her broken visage.

Where once she was an angel on a grave
She's now a broken whore - with hair cascading -
With nothing left of looks except to save
So little of for which she was created.
Maybe her former beauty now she craves -
Her weathered looks I stare at facinated;
With orange sandstone sparkles in her face
Now lending to this moment a strange grace.

The dark water stains from lost ancient rains
Run down her face - to etch and pock each feature -
For she cries black tears now - nothing remains -
To the ravages of time she doth surrender.
Broken lips over broken teeth her lost refrain
And nothing I could say would ever reach her;
Time flows endlessly - in rivers of deep sorrow -
And a broken angel, weeps for a lost tomorrow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2016

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Comments (3)

southmiami4321online today!
Nice poem, as you glide us through the night where former souls rest to end in contrast with this portrait angel.Thanks for sharing.
Socio econo political facts
witnessed by all
the shift is felt remorsefully
very pessimistic in tone

heart tearing.
references to golden past
present helplessness
chaos in toto

wish for death
Thanks for the
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