Blue Mountains

Time will crumble ancient sandstone ramparts -
In rocky ruin to the valley floor below;
Oldest forest spirit - the ghost departs-
Silver serpent in mountain stream will flow;-
Words could scarce do justice -nor any arts-
Grey gums, ghost gums - seldom winter snow;
Land so old - that time itself stood still -
I've always loved her - and I guess I always will.

Behold wild cliff faces - tumble down through time;-
Burnished orange in the Sun's reflected glow,
Her face turned to the light - in each season's clime;-
Tufts of mist 'cross each craggy rocky brow;-
Vapours dissolve in the morning sunshine -
Quick look at those clouds of cotton wool!
Before the day's full burning heat does banish-
All mists into the air do quickly vanish.

Gum trees wild and sprawling to the cliff's edge-
In a rough green carpet to the valley floor,
The windblown scrub and toughest mountain sedge -
A straight drop of six hundred feet or more;-
Step close to danger - on a sheer rocky ledge -
(An ancient sea - in a time long gone before)
Great mountain range now soft with a blue haze;
Eucalyptus dancing on the summer breeze.

© lovecanbereal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2016
About this poem:
The famous Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, about 60 km west of Sydney. The "Blue" colour is caused by the refraction of sunlight through a very fine vapour of eucalyptus oil given off by thousands of trees in the heat of the day.

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Comments (9)

Thanks for your kind comments. We do not have high precipitous mountains such as alps etc that you have in Switzerland/Europe etc or New Zealand; however the scenery is spectacular just the same.
Merry Xmas from Australia!.......................santa waving
Been to Katoomba many times LCBR, usually late summer when its cool. I like the birds in the trees and atmosphere, zig-zag railway too... cheers
@ oceanzest

Thanks for the comment. The poem is about the Blue Mountains, in general....A world heritage listed area....there are many great spots in the mountains, off the beaten trail (so to speak)...
godsprincessonline today!
A beautiful poem of your Blue Mountains. Happy New Year to you too LCBR - and have a very HEALTHY 2022 as well!!

Kathy party party hat
salamunaonline today!
I never was there, but you created a beautiful picture. Stay well and have a great year. Lily wave
Very descriptive writing LCBR ,
You've painted a lovely picture with words.

Regards Mick.

thumbs up
Thanks, for all of your
May all poets, here, have a safe 2022..................
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