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Dark Rainbows

Dark Rainbow

Float high the notes o'er a spring bog
A setting sun which warms the soul
Crawling out upon some emerged log
Pops little eyes from out of its hole

Revive this life we thought was dead
Summer soaks inside our heart
Like rising out of a death bed
Emerges a new day like a fresh start

A soul that is waiting to be born
Becoming all smiles to be worn
Like the light after a passing storm
When all remnants of a cloud be torn

Ripped below and darkened at last
Dripping like rain on a sharp thorn
Becomes a shadow no longer cast
So many brilliant colors are worn

Right before our eyes we can share
Before rainbows vanish into thin air
Only then will we meet again
When another stormy day ends
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2016
About this poem:
An unusual event.....

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Comments (6)

southmiami4321online today!
Very vivid poem of such a day.
How nature enlightens us always.
Enjoyed the write, thanks for sharing. SM
Hi Yankee,

It's been a long time since I was last on this site but I saw your entry and realised that quality will always rise to the top. Pity so many of the old personalities have vanished. A well constructed poem with great atmosphere.

Cheers mate wine
an unusual poem for an unusual event
and it's captivating one at that
thank you
Wow Yank..
I haven't seen you for so long! Your nature poems are classic.
Nice to see some of my old friends....cheers Thanks as always for your comments. I'm still writing away all the time. A wise old friend once said..."nothing makes a writer more great than writing everyday'.
godsprincessonline today!
I love my fellow poets here as they are so supportive and helpful with writing my poems. I have learned a lot since I've been on here. I have been for quite a few years now had poems in our local publication "The Moonlighter" which generates out of my home town of Newark Valley, New York. They also are encouraging to poets as they will take everyone who is local poems and publish them as space allows. It is a thrill to see them in print and circulating through the whole of Tioga County, New York. I do enjoy reading your poems.

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