Happy Birthday CS

According to Pedro from the Blog section, today is the birthday of CS which was born in 1999.

It is most fitting to make a celebration for a site that has given me so much fun, joys and happiness as well as tears and sorrows.

Thanks to the owners who created this wonderful site..

Happy birthday....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2016
About this poem:
I was on this site since 2011 and I have met so many on here both in virtual and real life. Love found me here and has provided me so much fun and joys as well as tears that went along with it. But all in all, it is a wonderful place and have met so many friends and continue on meeting so many good people on here.

Thanks again CS

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Comments (8)

Happy Anniversary CSTeam thank you for all your effort to keep this site decent.
Thanks for letting us know Lindsy!!

Kathy teddybear hug
Happy birthday, CS, many thanks for all your good efforts, for the Poetry Corner in particular, which I am visiting on a daily basis. Stay always as positive as you are. Many happy returns of the day!happy birthday thanks wine
Paloma my darling beautiful friend. How are you and Scher? I am just as blessed as you are my dear when it comes to the services this site has provided its members. I hope all is great with the two of you..teddybear bouquet
Welcome Kathy and may you always have fun and joys on here..As we all are, of course..teddybear bouquet
My dear beautiful Marikia, I am so happy you are here everyday. I am more on the blogs and forums now and enjoying the banters there. I think I have lost my ability to write poetry now..lol...I am no longer in love, I guess..bouquet teddybear wine
thank you sister and my mentor for sharing this about CS ...and a belated Happy birthday to CS and thanks for giving me such wonderful and unforgettable friends here too
Ancient Bullman
Thanks Morgen and Amfa.wave bouquet
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