Our love was good our love was strong,
but for some reason you thought it was wrong.
You broke my heart you set me free,
but there is something that you just don't see,
these things are feelings & these feelings hurt,
they hurt because you are not there anymore.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
The poem says everything

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southmiami4321online today!
When we truely love and lose that person, deep inside we are very hurt. The ability of loving can bring us to love again.SM comfort
I'm sorry that you hurt I think we all know that feeling . Poem is straight from your heart I can relate to you take care comfort
godsprincessonline today!
Very sad - so sorry. Praying that you will find someone who will appreciate your love and be very happy together. Take care.

Kathy hug
ali110online now!

Totally agreed , it hurts so bad
ali110online now!

Thanks for kind words wine
ali110online now!
Godprincess .

Thank you so much ,it is hard to trust somebody
People don't take that much to be changed
Ali...Maybe to be hurt is to grow in some way? It does seem like most have experienced this "hurt" of separation or loss in love. Try to see anything that is positive from what you have much to offer someone and it will not go unnoticed. Stay well and still holds good times!thumbs up heart wings
ali110online now!
Thank you so much for such good words , that's true , life is colorful ,it becomes more colorful and pleasant when we have love in the lifehug
True poetry SM and lovely words expressed. The hurting may never truly fade, but love willing will always find new ways.. Many cheers.. Jesse
when it comes from the heart
it comes out pure and strong
this one is poetry at its best
but the pain is awfully bad .

that you for this wonderful piece
ali110online now!

Thank you for hour sensible words, handshake
Hope you fine someone special friend.
She's out there somewhere.
ali110online now!
Thank you cafet handshake
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