~Sleight of mind~

Hillary d*ck, Hillary dock, Hillary wound up the cuckoo clock, mail was late the server went dry, her hands clenched in rage passing it by, now the Killary shield's firmly in place, dentures pasted in, false charms on her face, the one thing she'd done it's forgotten bout now, yes that fact that is real, milk comes from a cow, now let's not forget the scandals at bay, FBI CIA Bills romps in the hay, now google has pages of dirt on these two, the media went blind in passage to you, call it a hoax, call it con spir acy, all the things that they do infect you and me......................................

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016

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Comments (7)

one up to you Sir , well written and read
Ancient Bullman
I love it! This is vintage Bentlee.
Hello Morgen, why thank you sir, it truly was an enjoyable 4 minutes writing it lol, cheers. cheers
Hello Cafe, ty and glad you enjoyed it with a good chuckle I'm sure lol, ur right this is the format in my early writing years, felt good to bring it back alive again, cheers. cheers
You still have it Bentlee, see fashions always come back in mode.peace hug
Hello Red, always nice to see you, yes them days a long time ago when there was the bunch getting silly and crazy on here eh lol. Hoep you are well that side, ty so much for your words.

wine hug cheers
all goes good Bentlee, still moving around, I should have been a gypsy.
Poetry gone astray for awhile nothing nothing in pen, block as the say, but hey ho will come back i am sure.
Take care keep writing I have found taking a break off poetry stuns the growthmoping teddybear
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