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A Mother's Love

She was the supreme queen of the household
Her worth to me was much more than gold
She nursed and took care of me from small
My debt to her I can't repay at all

Though she had no schooling to read and write
In the school of life she was very bright
She was there for me throughout my childhood
Always urging me to do what was good

Some things with her, I did take for granted
Now I wish such things I never did
She always sought to give me of her best
Now she has gone to her final rest

I know that there are many others
With similar tales of their mothers
You can search far and wide and up above
There's no other love like a mother's love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
Dedicated to my mother
and to all mothers everywhere

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Comments (7)

godsprincessonline now!
So true Socrates and I miss my Mom so bad on days like this. Thank you for sharing.

Kathy teddybear
southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful Poem.
Yes Socrates today is all about Mother's love. Fortunate of those that had one while being raised. We also have other true Moms that have taken a dear child under their umbrella and raised them as their own. Could be a single lady, an Aunt, Step Mom and the list goes on.So those are very special as there is also Foster parents, Adopt Parents, that do such a great job; giving out their love unconditionally. So for all those that one way or the other contribute sincerely to the well being of another human being I salute you all! teddybear teddybear
Lovely poem I too lost my mother several years ago . heart wings angel heart wings
beautiful poem for All mothers around the world n sharing your experience too.thank you
socrates44online now!

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Although my mother was denied a basic education,
all of her grandchildren have acquired higher education.

Such a beautiful poem to write about your Mother and the prescious bond you had.
It will soon be Mother’s Day here again and I am grateful for the days we still have our dear Mum for teddybear
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