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A Stone Wall

A stone wall weathers with age
My number becomes more feint
A beginning more distant away
What makes a spirit finally rest
Still dressed in its Sunday best
See how time wears us down
So when a leaf falls to the ground
Slowly becoming dust turning brown
Perhaps erased by the sands of time
Endlessly shaping the ground
Just biding my time I guess
I think I’ll just hang around
Run a little while longer if I can
Separating who knows what from where
No hurry to be already gone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2016
About this poem:
Spring in the New England woods

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Comments (2)

it's very descriptive in many ways
and on different levels
wonderful and tastefully done
Ancient Bullman
southmiami4321online today!
What a descriptive run through the woods but still enjoying its delights. We are here for some time but appreciating beauty also. Those leaves were, yellow, orange, red , I believe some time before turning brown. That is how life is. We are turning around the corner
What a sweet melancholic poem, I enjoyed it. SM wave
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