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I lead you on
I capture your heart
I like where this is going
I do this to tear you apart

I keep you on hold
I wait for your reaction
I do this on purpose
I crave you're satisfaction

I always win this game
I can't get enough
I strive to break your heart
I totally love this stuff

I will be one step ahead
I keep you on the fence
I shake up your feelings
I think this is so intense

I am your world
I rule all your thoughts
I watch for your weakness
I know I'm all you've got

I study all your moves
I love when you cry
I feel like a giant
I get the ultimate high

I stole your heart
I don't have a soul
I make you so miserable
I will dig your hole

I am so glad we met
I just love to hurt
I dug your plot
I am your dirt

I guess my jobs done
I must move on
I will take another soul
I lead you on!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
the result of your life,when someone you loved,plays you like a fiddle,sometimes people forget that everyone of us has a heart and feelings,i wrote this after i was dumped,i guess she really doesn't know how intense a poets mind is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comments (3)

Great poem ! and as awful as this person sounds you write about.. I know he does exist.. In fact I'm sure I have met him in the past.. sigh Good stuff ! teddybear bouquet
Intense poem. Left me hanging on and I felt every emotion. Great work. Sorry about your pain. Sometimes our best work comes after we are hurt. Take care.
thanks for the kudos girls,when i write stuff like this,i try and put myself in the head,of the one doing the hurting,if they could only see,what a poets mind can see,maybe then...he or she would think before actions are taken. teddybear cheers heart beating
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