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my rescue

had I never found you
I can imagine where I'd be
a moldy green newspaper shop
where the days run together, non stop
and the highlight of the day...
ha! highlight, is that the word?
would be to put the press to bed
then I would drown, not only my sorrows,
but all of my consciousness
with whatever was handy
ever craving brain candy
any liquor was dandy
until I awakened next morning, anyway
only then, would I question my lifestyle
my aching head and belly spurring
a brief catharsis, lasting only a short while
and then would be gone
only to rear it's jarring head
in weary, brief flashes
with each new rising sun

since my life was frozen on hold
imagination and drive wouldn't exist much
uninspiration would carry me only as far
as the closest tavern
and once inside and sedate
my comfort would become a cavern
I'd be holed up
hoping for time to stand still
for I would see no rainbow
no pot of gold...
optimism was something to be avoided
for the likes of me
dreading the next tomorrow
there was nowhere I need be
my life had stalled inside the office
and a lousy rag, to boot
as to the quality of journalism
few of us really gave a hoot
my life went on for years like this
my salary but moot
skies were grey

until one day...
there was something new...afoot
had ocassion to bump into you
don't remember, why it was
but, I saw a look in your eye
it gave me pause...
something inside me awakened
dormant emotion was now stirring let me know you
my frozen crust of a heart
that, for far too long lie silent
came alive.....
I was drawn to you
why you came to me, I'll never realize
but my eyes were then opened
at last, sunlight was allowed to penetrate
the deep recesses of my damaged spirit
soon, we were together
we are still together
you are a wonderful woman
I love you
you love me too
now...I'm a wonderful man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (9)

Hi, hedistuff,
A beautiful tribute to the power of love and the human spirit that chances to let it into a frozen crust of a heart. I enjoyed reading and love the line ever craving brain candy. Thank you for sharing.
that told a story,, I liked it,
trurorobonline today!
Great stuff, like the way you bring life into your poems!!
a moldy green newspaper shop where the days run together, non stop-is one of the phrases that grabbed me, nice...
hedistuff - excellent write! this one spoke volumes!applause
thanks for your comments
Simply wonderful.handshake
you are a wonderful man hedi...and damn lucky to boot! about that lottery ticket....
i never saw this one until now, i love it, it's a whole story...'your frozen crust of a heart'...applause applause
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