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the purpose of life,

if i could offer a piece of advice
something that would only be nice,
if i could say to someone how are you
and have a good day
all i would ask is the kindness and wisdom
to say thank you for being so kind to me
thank you for allowing me to be me
i offer my heart to the ones that i love,
to give my all from upabove,
i am not a religious person'
nor do i credit myself to be the perfect one
who need not feel, who need not question,
who need not feel quilty
i se e myself as giving what i can , my heart. with no strings.
my hel p with no rewards
or gratitude
all i offer is kindness
all i expect is the same
to give backto the world
is the purpose of life,
to give happiness to those we love
is the purpose of life'
and to love without judgement or conditions
is the purpose of life,
i hope i will always continue to give forth,
only love, only kndness and compassion to
those i love, and those in need.
peace to all and happiness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
i am trying to show that i dont judge people onthe basis of what they give, r what they do for me, i appreicate those who give kindness , thoughtless and compassion with feelings and wtihout conditions and tht is my point and the reason for my poem

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wow i like it many beautiful people and amazing poems on here....u are a good writer. and i DEFINITELY can relate :P
trurorobonline today!
lovely sentiments!
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