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Not a Love Poem

This isn't a love poem
Its true words about how I feel
How its never felt this real
till your lips told secrets to mine
I get addicted time after time
to your soft romantic touch,
the way you say you love me so much
And baby, you know I love you too

Your eyes that shine
lack sapphires in the sun
They're bullets in a gun
and my heart has a target only you can see
I'm so happy your with me
so happy I can be
the things you need most of all
So never be afraid to fall
Never be afraid to call
I'll catch with a million words
and we can fly away like two love birds
to places only lovers know
places only we can go
to sit and watch the life we've made
how much we've cried
how much we gave
to make our lives blend like paintings
hanging on the walls of halls
that angel pass
And how they love and laugh
and hold their hearts
knowing that they had a part
in a love that is soon to bloom
into stars that sit beside the moon

Believe me when I say
this is not a love poem
This is how I'm glad I'm not alone
and as much as this may seem unreal
these are words of how I truly feel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (4)

trurorobonline today!
Ok Blizza, I will buy that!!, still a damn fine poem!!
"Not a love poem"..... but I read very clearly and felt very was full of love there.......very nice poem....very nice...

Thanks for sharing.teddybear bouquet
Blizza - emotional write...i just love your images and expression!peace
Not a love poem but a heart poem!
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