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A dull sky, heralds a storm
Atmospheric signs, rapidly born
Springs an outcome, to shake
A flood-plain, as sterile lake

Isolated-barren, gradually fills
As heavens water, downward spills
Zig-zag lightening, links the two
Turns earth-sky, dull grey on cue

Bird life, drops in to share
Pop-Up-water-feature, with care
Rain-fall ends, soak away begins
Return-to-flood-plain, removes din

Happy birds, a short time dipped
Lush bottomed water-bed, beaks nipped
Tasty morsels, trapped in wait
Nature's smorgasbord, for quick break

Short-term-feast, memories will make
As a human favourite, treats and cake.
Returning sun, brings rainbow perfection
Normality resolved, at nature's direction

Life so precious, balanced unique
Visual scene change, genuine treat
For humans and wildlife, who share
Earth given lifestyle, for all who care
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2016
About this poem:
those lowlands, that fill in heavy rain.....attracting bird-life....

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Comments (8)

Lovely just a beautiful poem.applause applause
Hi Kathy, another excellent nature write from your pen. The dream unfolds before us and gently flows down the page. A wonderful write that does hold the readers attention. I do like to read writes on nature, such an inner peace can be found. Thank you for this dream. Hugs....Mike. XX
thank you goes back to a time I was starting my nature jolt, after a life in dance, which I never knew if had ended or not.......we had a small farm close to the major highway.
Like an island, this hill rose on a flood plain, with an ancient homestead as a look out, between a highway one side and the railway the other.
Rural, the goats would walk the railway line, and the passing trains, two a day, would honk to warn me they'd gone walk-about, but when it rained, all the ducks and geese disappeared to the 'Lake,' which I would watch from the homestead........
23 years living rural with nature, till I returned to the outskirts of the city.....but a very special time.....teddybear
wow sounds a wonder land peace hug
Northlands raw beauty can be a wonderland, due to its isolation.....thanks for the comment Redex....Kathygrin
I am sure weemick.....with the beauty that surrounds you at home, dreams come readily.
I think that nature in NZ is mainly raw, especially in the isolated areas like Northland, and Southland that has a look of Scotland.
Thank you for your comment......and admit, nature is something I can never get enough of.......Kathy xxteddybear
our land is scarce so yours is abundance and so divinely natural
one day my Lord will allow me to witness this beauty you speak of Kathy teddybear
Hi Morgen...well southland was last night minus 7....proving how close it is to the South Pole....but where the pop up water feature was, on the borders of Bay Of Islands, is in what is known as the winterless north......I hope one day you will get a chance to visit.......thank you for the comment, as always..... appreciated.
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