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~ Baroque b-q
~Day and days
~and wile and ways
~days and wiles and ways
~whisps of camphor dignant
~two snifters of cognac
~softens the moon, its roon and stays
~pledge to the kindred
~fledgling to a mood
~raising there a tepid smile
~and rue
~and rhyme, and nine
~herbal baths
~the nodding daffodils' startled laughs
~engender a side-path time
~toss away most flippantly
~the boomerang returns
~where We are
~some less regards
~where They may decidedly be
~contents to books undone
~devil may care and suggestion dares
~but none
~a day and days
~are ways and wiles and days
~ Slpk'41
~, , , , 1998
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (3)

Intriguing read! Googled 'bq' and found becquerel - A unit of measurement of radioactivity, equal to one disintegration per second. I enjoyed your poem...thank you for sharing :)peace
Hi, BeneathePines,
And, I had thought it was a play on BBQ. I love the lines ~the nodding daffodils' startled laughs ~engender a side-path time. Thank you for sharing.
a good read with unique structure. original!
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