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Crimson Armour II - Prelude to Dragondance trilogy

At 15 he joined the rank
With guards of the elite
Killed a boar at eighteen
His character was intimidating

Many saw him more than a threat
Then a plot to murder a high priest
And framed him but it failed
Ambushed him but he escap

Soon he was wanted by law
For murder and high treason
Rumours spread that he was hiding
Somewhere deep in the dark forest

Every full moon farmers were raided
Foods were stolen and livestocks killed
A band of aliens were spotted
Then one night a warrior appeared

Dressed in a suit of crimson armor
And in one hand he held a crystal skull
He warned about creatures from hell
He fought and killed them all

His men are shadows
Cloak beneath the night
And no one seen him fight
With them and lived to tell
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2016

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Comments (12)

Great story packed with adventure and
excitment! Has an Indiania Jones flavor
to it with fast flowing action. One
scene rapidly washing over another.
Great work!
thumbs up
I love it it's unique . I like your style
Another Morgen on the edge of your seat story! grin Thanks!

Kathy teddybear
GP Kathy if only 3 would come quickly ha ha ha
thank you
thank you so much Abbyteddybear
Mighty thanks Cafe
sometimes ideas flow by their own
can't seem to get to the point
where the story unfolds

I thought writing one very long poem might turn some off
so cutting them to two or three poems long seem to work
thou when it comes to three it's just can't be at there
if it's belongs to two and its too short a tale for three

only problem now is my phone can't
choose colour for background
nor the words and also
can't add pics like before sigh conversing
Hey Morgen ........Maybe you should write it in a book ........I know i am captivated by it .......enjoyed reading .......Regards Nuthumbs up professor
A technique I like to use is to think of
the ending of the story first. What's the
main thought, and where is this story
going to end up especially with a longer
poem. Short poems may not be to difficult
to create an ending but still I write with
a view for the over all emotional impact.
I never try to force a poem that I never
wanted to write in the first place because
it usually turns out dull and uninteresting. If I feel reasonably commited to a subject there's a good chance I'll find the right words because
the subject pretty much speaks for itself.
thanks Nu if I can get enough materials and storylines I might do it ...
I got your point Cafe .and I'm doing something similar but not exactly as u mentioned
thanks for the tips
Hey morgen I really enjoyed this read it's a fascinating tale...I've always seen you as a natural story teller & as I was reading part 1. I didn't want it to end but at the same time wanted to know more & read more, which is what part 2 bought home:)...
. I also like the story line. You have a unusual way of putting words into action & reaction lol if that makes any sense. Anyway I miss your poetry especially how it makes you feel so thanks peace n blessings your bunny lolhug teddybear
thanks. Cherry bunny ..been down in sick bay with high no so had to rest for awhile ,that's why the late reply
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