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I Have Seen You

I have seen you, My Dream,
Tangled upon my bed,
Lying in early sunlight,
Bare-breasted among yawns and stretches,
Our toes and fingers wed.

I have seen you, My Dream,
Tangled in sheets and early bird-song,
Bare-foot and bare-thighed.
With your smile luxurious among sighs,

I have seen you smile, My Dream,
With your lips kissed by your hair,
Bare-skinned and sighing,
Tangled in my arms,
And whisper to the morning,
`It is real…!´
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2016
About this poem:
It is a poem about being in love and not being loved back, so you resort to your dreams.

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Heartfelt poem sadly I was once there .hug
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