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the loss of life

when i feel lonely an d blue
i cry my heart thinking of you
why did you leave me to remain on this earth
i cant maintain my life, or clean up the dirt
i cant fix the strife between those that i love
cant seem to hold on to those that i endear to my heart
why cant they realize that i am trying to do my part
i am not perfect or malicious or hard
,my heart breaks that i cant change the odds
seems history repeats itself unfortunately twofold
how can i carry all that i value and hold
the life is so short and we should treasure it with all our might
not enforce bitterness, manipulation and strife
make our life peaceful , with harmony and love
accept what you have and not change a thing
for life is worth living if you forget all the painful things
so wish i can get some omen to tell me whats right
to uplift my spirits to carry on my life
pleasures and peace come when yu are happy
you are blessed,
so never discount the little unrest
but make it turn upward instead of in turmoil
for life is worth living so extend the positivity
eliminate the negativity
value the significant and embellish it with love/happiness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
yu need motivationt o carry on. and when those that ar e close to you give you a hard time, you r purpose and worthiness is unsuppported an d ignored and downgraded. so u need some way to express these feelings if not sometimes clearly bu t the hint is there and the feeings are there the difference is to find waht is worth saving and waht is worth leaving.

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Comments (2)

a fine poem B.D. "so never discount the little unrest" says it well. You said many fine jewels of wisdom here. thanks.
Yes, thank you, Blondie. This is the spiritual change I loosely referred to in comment for Hedi's poem, immed. preceeding this one.
--Thanks !
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