autumn and remembering

A most mystified moment
is when the leaves turn yellow
an indication of the arrival of autumn
a moist in the wind soften your pale skin
I wish I could reach to touch once more
if only to remember the glow

and yes in that afternoon, it rained
if only to make your hair silken
as it danced in the motion of the gentle wind
I felt pang of ache within me, yet
enchantingly and gloriously wishing
I am in your mind unforgotten
holding a lovely thought of

Once you confessed:
would it be that when I think of you
you think of me, and when you think
of me, I do? How funny because
it does happen, but even if today
we can't confess anymore,
I do feel just the same. .

that question is as constant
as life itself...goes around
like autumn, it will come again
and again.. without end...

because when I think of you
you think of me, its just the way it is,
was and will always be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2016
About this poem:
Just a passing thought brought about by the beauty of fall

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Comments (15)

Beautiful eloquent thoughts.
Thanks Cafe, your reading and commenting is very much appreciated. wave
A beautiful poem bouquet
nice sweethertapplause
godsprincessonline today!
Lindsay: Life is one big circle - around and around - Winter, Spring, Summer Fall - Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - around and around and around. I'm getting dizzy!

Thanks for sharing. I too love Fall - but not winter.

Kathy hug teddybear
Thanks all for your reads and comments.bouquet
How true it is.
This is so breathtaking and true! How could I have missed it! Thank you, dear poetess, thank you very much!hug bouquet
Maxtolin welcome to the cornerhandshake my first time to see you.

Thank you so much for your read and comment.wave
My dear beautiful friend Marikia. Thank you and it is so nice to see you.

I hope everything is great in your side of the world.

Is your son here yet? Take care my darling friend.

The leaves are pretty much done by this time of year. We had frost this morning. If I had to guess when the leaves were at their peak, I would guess on October 15.
livespaulonline today!
It's autumn over here and the wish to seek tht glow is I triguing.bouquet
Lovely poem, touching & enjoyed TY
Thanks for your comment Mc.

I was reading Red's poem and glanced this on the bottom of the page.

It's spring and I just feel inspired.
Live and Amber thanks for reading.
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