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Here Smile

Her Smile
By: Nia

When she smiles at me or to the world
It seems as though her glow illuminates and agitates
A rhythm like a rainbow magically appears in the sky
Magnetically, her smile lights up the world
Not unlike the moon to a dark universe

She step into my life while all alone
Capturing my heart unbeknownst to thee
And her name is MJC
The J is for Jo and yes...I'm missing her

Missing the vocal tone that I've
Become so accustomed to
How could it be wrong for me
To say that I love you?

She said, it's not "normal" for a...
Person wanting or needing to
Call or text his or her love one
After the relationship is over!

Well, tell me then honey
What's normal?
Is it not right for a man or woman to put up
His or "best" fight to save those

Loving moments of happy days
Or, am I to behave as though it's okay or...
Drop it as it's hot?

See, CJ that's a slippery slop, sloop slid to K because all too long we...
As a people simply throw in the towel far too early as I…. cry out
Dry tears because it seems strange to explain the pain

Therefore the tears remain inside...damn I try....hard to hide
My truth from you because wanting to reach out to you
Just to say Hi anytime I'd like is a struggle
Eternally it's a fight and it gets hard at night!

Because I know she hurts too!
I feel and felt like calling up a crew to relate this message
On my behalf...glad I and I came to my senses
Last thing I'd want is for her to get even further pissed

Wishing, praying upon a star that your heart
Won't take all of this in a way that's negative
Perhaps you'll read it entirely and in'ceive it as it's..

Meant to be...ok baby I'll admit it...loneliness...
Is the only feeling momentarily I see
And please don't go there…I'm not in any fashion

Trying to make you feel guilty about anything
Really, I'm simply pouring out and sharing my feelings
To my sister, friend and woman that I love deeply and care about
Whole heartily, so excuse or give me pardon
For this poem being written entirely with honesty

It's only my opinion (yeah) and I'm not clamming to know...
All things and irrespective of what you think of me
Expressing my heart in this vulnerable spiritual state

Her smile reminds me of the uncontrollable...
Laughter of a child tickled to the max
Surely, you've heard that sound before
May I be honest with you lady? You I adore!

No babe, this isn't one of those pressurized poems!
To endeavor a change of heart
One thing is for sure, I don't wanna make you angry
Anymore than you already are!

One last thing I'd care to say
Trust and believe "I wanna respect your wishes
And give you your space
But know this...
It's challenging when all I see is your face!

Copyright 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2016
About this poem:
I'm sure the readers of this piece can feel it, know why it was written. It's from the book Humanity (Deep Between The Lines of Spoken Words). That was then...the past.

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