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~Into a new world~

new life grows, cellular divide. Epidermis cover protects all thats within. Gestation, procreate glow of warmth face exude's. First time ever to nurture shared new life. Her body adjusts to nature's control. Little feet restless kick in the night. Smiling in sleep, morning tummy's just not right. Midwife's been called, water has broke, tiny life arrives, they lay arm in arm ... smiled eye to eye not a word said. Love that they shared one night..... has now become three~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
One of natures miracle's most of us have had the pleasure to experience in our lives :)

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Comments (3)

well said Bentlee. Then aaalll the rest comes, the sleepless rest.
Lol, yes i remember the days, an also remember the who's turn is it to get up in the night lol. Ty for commenting. :)
Bentlee - loved the gentle waves of your truly is a blessinghug
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