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Honey Baby Poem

Honey Baby

Because of love
Her name changed
To honey baby

And the way she pouts
Left no doubts
She loves me too

And she knew
My love was true
Cause everyday I call her honey baby

How long does it take
Angels to make
A wedding ring

And when they bring it here
I'll place it on her finger
And these words will linger

In her ear
I love you so,love you so
My honey baby
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 7, 2016

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Comments (2)

  • doglover14
    doglover14 Dec 2016 hudson, New York USA

    How enjoyable this was to read ~ what beautiful thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Abby1963
    Abby1963 Dec 2016 long beach, California USA
    Such a sweet poem .it was a pleasure reading it handshake
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