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God’s Word Came Down
In Human Flesh form
As Virgin Mary’s Son
Named Baby Boy Jesus
He Grew and studied
The Word at temple
Water Baptism by John
God gave his Blessing
With the Holy Spirit
Desert 40 days/nights
Resisted the Devil’s temptation
He picked 12 Disciples
Eleven Saints – One Devil
Healed Spiritually and Physically
Gave God the Glory
Was betrayed by Judas
Suffered abused and tortured
Then made to walk
Carry cross to Calvary
Where he was nailed
Suffered for three hours
Said “It is Done”
Placed in a tomb
For 3 long days
Rose on third day
He ascended into Heaven
Loves and forgives us
If we accept Him
Our reward will be
Life with Him forever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2016
About this poem:
The Christ in Christmas (Simplified)!

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Comments (6)

well said Kathy! lets all have a merry one as long as he comes first!dancing
Merry Christmas GP santa waving
I try to focus more on Jesus as a baby and the manger scene . The drummer boy is a good cartoon of his birth. Have a merry Christmas!reindeer
godsprincessonline today!
Thanks Travis - tried to keep the lines to 4 words each - no rhyming either. But wanted to put in simply terms for people as people tend to try to complicate things.
Sister I feel joy reading this too.
Christmas is the gift from, God of Israel to all humans to be saved by Salvation .
His birth is the greatest gift for mankind.
The precursor to this was Abraham sacrifice to the God of Israel.
Only 1 human was sacrificed with the purest soul and without sin so that he can defeat Death and bring Glory to the one who sent Him.
Amen applause applause applause
godsprincessonline today!
Amen Morgan. Jesus died that I might live forever. He suffered greatly for that and I will be eternally grateful to Him and worship Him.

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