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Come to Me

I am a flower the beautiful color and nice shave for you to see
See how attractive I am, all bees come to me
All wants to fly around me and each bee keen to alight on my pods
I like dancing with the wind I like flirting the bees but see
I make a distance from the bees
I am here not looking for a bee
I like to sing some songs
Where all gardens inhabitant listen and come to me
They will sing together with me in variety voices nicely
An argument to claim who has better voice than others
Sounds like a clown show to me
I will dance to knock others bees that alight on others flowers pods
The bees will drop off from their pods
I laugh and tell other fellows with my twisted dance
Here I am for fun for laughing for gossiping and sharing with others
Come to me just come to me I can make a hot winter day
Come to me just come to me I am a flower very nice to see
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
dedicated to a naughty woman

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Comments (14)

very nice poem sweet heart
very alluring poem to bee.
terrific davi...
bravo ... Davina .... kis2
On my way Davina..., lovely humour, thanks...
Good poem, baby...
i don't no who you are but don't ever call her baby again
@ ToMan :
you can not call me baby
Davinadia - alluring indeed...thanks for sharing!daisy
I thank to you all for the lovely comments wave wave
nice humour ...thumbs up
thanks, it is a nice humour wave
the bee, the garden, the song, the flowers, a rose by any other name, nice one , davinadia.
hi ben, thanks handshake
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