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Because of you emptiness inside me has reached the depths of abyss
I'm crushed by our end and moments of every day It's us' I'll sorely miss
My inexplicable love for you will lengthen the time it takes to shake my daze
accepting this failed marriage will challenge me for the remainder of my days

Caring just half as much as I would have held our commitment together
due to your NPD and absent reality...I've lost the love of my life forever
Maybe I shall live long enough to find love we once had for each other
" Who am I kidding "...the way I loved you I couldn't possibly love another

This divorce makes three...and you too gave me NO other choice but to file
this Old-Fashioned Gentleman knows if you give an inch woman take a mile
Lingering pain is obviously synonymous with divorce but this latest hurt most
despite all mistreatment...going beyond to please will remain first and foremost

For years your actions proved you really loved ONLY yourself and your 'perfect' son
if'd admit you never intended our relationship to be a permanent one
My desire Evilla is to keep giving even if it's not deserving...that's simply who I am
instead of choosing mentally abusive and could've tried giving a damn

These words had true meaning when exchanged years ago
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2017
About this poem:
About Eva! I wrote it to vent about the divorce! I was/am feeling shattered! She was cruel...but for whatever reason, I will always miss her.

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