Can't Take You Down With Me

I'm starting to dim now,
I'm being dragged along.
The hurt I've been endowed,
sadly sings it's song.

Crystal tears are falling,
then cease to well as much.
Somethings happening to me,
my heart is in drought.

And it feels like,
I'm dying inside.
I've lost my want to fight,
does this mean I have died?

I have now stumbled,
into a black hole.
Let go of my hand,
I can't break your hold.

It's not hard to see,
I'm in way too deep.
Please now let me go,
can't take you down with me.

All the stars around me,
wink out one by one.
Darkness encroaching,
hides the light from the sun.

Such a deafening sound,
the silence is so loud.
I'm being dragged around,
way up here beyond the clouds.

Closing my eyes now,
curl up into a ball.
I shut my fears down,
and don't let myself call.

Holding tears back,
keep my pain inside.
Universe turns black,
I just count down time.

And I fall to sleep,
I live in my dreams.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
Written about the thoughts I went through when I went through a breakdown during my mid 20's.

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Comments (2)

Your poem depicts those feelings well applause good you can go back now you can see where your at now hug
Yeah, it really is great to look back and go wow!, was I really so down in the dumps!? wow I feel stronger knowing it will take something fairly tragic to ever teeter on the edge again.

Thanks kindly for your comment. bouquet
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