How I feel is hard to explain,
causes me too much pain.
I choke up, my throat throbs,
If I speak, then I'll sob.

I don't want to go over,
what happened back then.
I don't want to remember,
what happened back then.

I don't want to think,
and I don't want to ache.
Or I just might sink,
after trauma makes me shake.

I was literally driven insane,
days and days of being crazed.
You treated my love as only mundane,
You'd hear me cry and never be fazed.

T'was better we went our separate ways,
the love we shared turned to pure hate.
In a grave is where our memories should lay,
Not a long enough life for our hate to abate.

Nope, not enough time for mistakes to fade,
not enough magic for those days to be unmade.
And after so many years...
It's still too soon to feel okay,
and still too soon to love again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
How heartbreak felt to me.

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