No Peace

"Let's lock them up, let them kill themselves.
Let's beat them up, soon enough they'll kill themselves..."

This story's getting old, right?
200 years old, right?

Down in New South Wales,
this white Australian lady.
Takes a swing over nothing,
and without retaliating.

The aboriginal girl hits the ground,
lands there with a thud.
The police had suddenly taken her down,
then slammed on the cuffs.

Took her from there into lock-up
and put her into a room.
In this particular room the camera's were off,
the police surrounded her like fire fumes.

And very much like a pack of dingoes,
they went in for the attack.
Now this Aboriginal girl is consumed by hate,
her whole world is now turned black.

A mother looked for a job,
but was so often knocked back.
"We see you're Aboriginal
and there's a problem with that."

You see, we've had trouble with your kind before,
and so we are not employing.
But just so you know that's the only reason,
so good luck with your job searching!"

Thus, from generation to generation,
the hate spreads on.
And the government asks for acceptance,
from people who are done.

People who find it hard when from young they are pinned,
as a, "you never will amount to be anything."
People who find it hard when they're told that their dreams,
may mean something but aren't good for a damned thing.

White Australian father getting blamed,
for racism he has never displayed.
For assumed prejudice he never did say,
his love for all peoples now mucked and splayed.

"I have 2 aboriginal children and would never say that!,
that you're just another useless black.
Good for nothing but making babies and spat."
the last thing he said before he got smacked.

He was only ever proud and tried to mingle,
with those he thought of as his country's men.
Faith now lost because he was singled,
his heart filled with hate and all he condemns.

"Once upon a time I would have been your friend",
a white Australian mother says, "but no more."
"I can't take the chance that I may offend,
you see, I've had trouble with your kind before."

Thus, from generation to generation,
the hate spreads on.
And the government asks for acceptance,
from people who are done.

People who find it hard when they are already pinned,
as invaders who don't care for anything.
People whose ancestor's stories are so old,
" means nothing in this country that's not yours!", they're told.

Alcohol, drugs, minds breaking down,
fewer care to make a sound.
The next generation will soon find what is always found,
"Shh. Australia doesn't want you to make a sound!"

Unfortunate for those who are not racist as such,
there's so many who are, that this country's stuffed.
Not 200 years ago, not yesteryear,
No, not last night, but today, enough!

Misunderstandings will not bring peace,
undue blame does not bring peace.
Mistreatment will never make any peace,
hate does surely afford no peace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
Something I began writing last year but as I tend to do, I got side-tracked and didn't finish. It is now done.

Written with no offence to anyone and if you have taken offence, chances are you've missed the point.

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....Powerful write Flame, filled with true passion......the time was right to complete........glad you did.....Great heartfelt write.....Kathy teddybear
This is a gutsy poem. A lot of damage was done by our (white) forbears, unfortunately; in many cases, they knew no better. Hopefully, in the years ahead, some of the damage can be undone. Some progress has been made in this area. Also see my poem "Australia: Race Relations".
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