Can love be dangerous to your health
Taking deeply to heart all that is felt
Year after year absorbing these feelings
Keeping them hid and not revealing

Years of the stress and pain
Absorbing the shocks again and again
Like earthquake waves rolling inside
With no way to release other than cry

The feeling of being shutout and alone
Dealing day to day with the unknown
Trying to smile and be normal to others
When inside loneliness always hovers

Worrying and helping those you love
Holding inside what your feelings are
What happens when you feel too much
Can your heart give out from such

Can the heart take the continuous beating
Without harm being done from all the feelings
No one can be sure if this can be true
It’s something I think about – do you?
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Posted: Feb 2017

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GodsPrincess ,
in my opinion,
The only real cure for a broken heart is to allow ourselves to be loved again . wine
Oh Kathy......I guess I hadn't thought about it as deeply as you, but yes....it's so true and I loved it....certainly made me think........
True we can protect ourselves....but is that living.....
confused Kathyteddybear
Kathy....Your thoughts are valid, yet most of us find someway to bridge this loneliness while keeping a sense of purpose and hope. Maybe " Life gives back what we put into it".....and finding something ( not always someone) to fullfill our lives is a road that makes real sense.: conversing thumbs up
Kathy ~ It's very true that at times we think or feel our hearts can stand no more pain ~

Be it from being hurt by someone we love ~

Or by being hurt because we feel that we have no one to love or to love us ~

I feel we have been put on this earth to give love and to be able to receive love ~ Be it romantic love ~ the love of a good friend ~ love of or from, a family member ~

Your poem is really making me think, and will be read and re-read.
Thank you so much,

Madyheart beating
southmiami4321online today!
GP, deep thoughts and feelings. We all need love and to love. Certainly we all don't receive it the same way....We always have the positiveness to hold on to it's arrival. Don't bury your feelings, give out your love that is needed for others as they will reciprocate. You are a great woman GP and someone will match you!!!
teddybear SM
Thank you Non-Smoker. I wrote this poem with another problem in mind but have always found that people can read different things into poems that relates to them. I really appreciate your insight into this.

Kathy teddybear
Thank you for making me aware of the specifics. This specific choice of words are perfectly appropriate to express your intention. Artistically written...I truly wish you the very best Kathy. God bless you dear...
purple heart
Hi Kathy from Down Under - thank you for reading and commenting. Love your head scratcher! laugh

Kathy U.S.A.
Hi Avias - thanks for commenting. I had started out really writing about the physical health of one's heart by the pressure of feelings from worry about family, friends, etc. But it seems to evolved into love again! laugh

Kathy teddybear
Kathy you are very dear and near to me .please always know that your in my thoughts and prayers bouquet bouquet bouquet
Thank you Mady.

Kathy teddybear
Thank you South Miami for your beautiful comment and suggestions.

Kathy teddybear
Very sensual verses. I think a diet heart food, it is a female soul.
Thanks Christian - you are a good friend.

Kathy teddybear
Thank you Ummka.

Kathy wave
Thank you Laura - sorry I didn't reply sooner - I seemed to skip over you. Last but not least. You too are dear to me.

Kathy teddybear
Very deep and awesome poem. I dont know what was in your mind , but I know for sure what came to my crazy mind while reading it. Thank you for sharing Kathy .sad flower
Thank you Salamuna - definitely emotional and physical health are affected. Each of us I'm sure has our own different stress and pain that affect us each differently. Thank you for your kind words.

Kathy teddybear
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