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Little Butterflies

Little butterflies
Flit in their gilded cages;-
Our hearts.

Some are free;-
Some choose to remain.

First love,-
First contact; -

How can we be unfaithful; -
When we are but the same?

Craving contact,-
Craving healing,-
Craving love;-

From our broken childhood's dream.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2017
About this poem:
Craving that emotional connection...

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niah9online today!
I admit some poems leave me lost in their words, but this one I understood...could relate..... .and liked......Kathydancing
Thanks, just trying a few different styles...
Very inspired verses.
Embedded image from another site
Doors to the temple of soul are open,
There garden and luxury languid color,
And happiness crickets in calm,
Sing the song as a hobby.
Thanks Ummka bouquet
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