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Honey Bee

Verse I

We both made mistakes,
In love and in life.
You took the wrong husband,
I chose the wrong wife.
Our mis'ry dragged on,
Went on for so long.
Happiness always out of reach.
Our rights were all wrong.


My sweet honey Bee,
So precious to me.
I looked for so long to find you,
Then finally you found me.
Now we are one,
The looking is done.
You'll walk hand in hand through life with me,
My sweet honey Bee.

Verse II

The road was so long,
To find our sweet love.
It seemed it would never end at all,
And then from above,
The sky opened up,
The sun filled our cup.
Now we'll have each other dear,
Things fin'ly look up.

Verse III

And now that we know,
We'll always have us.
Nothing will ever come between,
And life is a rush.
A reason to live,
A passion to give.
We will be legend you and I,
Long after we live.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Self explanatory :)

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Comments (4)

F.A.L. - wish they had a way to upload mp3's so you could play it for us! good stuff.
Would love to hear this song....nice lyrics.bouquet bouquet
ah! there go the ramparts.....laugh

teddybear heart beating heart beating teddybear
Thanks for all the encouragement! And now that the ramparts are down...
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