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A Single Tear

*** is quite a long one.I enjoy writing ballads :)***

When summer nights would steal their breath and the breeze would serenade
Two carefree lovers in their youthful years,danced within on promises made
There content beneath the warmth of breast,her heart so tenderly did sigh
For the one who captivated her very soul,and allowed her angelic spirit to fly

Lost in wonder on her beauty and the way in which she shimmered all the while
He knew the heavens held no finer star,that could outshine the diamonds in her smile
Its true within his deepest yearnings,he allowed temptations to play their part
But this man he loved her deeply and she was the sole purpose for his heart

Many seasons had turned their way,they grew with each and turned the pages
Their destiny seemed to be in sight and so they planned for the coming ages
A dress of finest lace and silk,babys breath to adorn her long dark flowing hair
Once again he looked on with pride and knew no other beauty could compare

Years passed by and still they loved,through children and making a home
Older in years yet still youthful at heart,the wanting was never outgrown
Timeless in grace and ever with strength,they continued to love in their way
They laughed and they cried,always side by side,and then came a very cruel day

The morning was early as light cracked the sky,she looked so pale and weak
Lying there in a bed,in a hospital room,barely breathing and unable to speak
He sat by her side and held her small hand,trying to find the right words
But all he could do,was whisper "I love you", hopeful in heart that she heard

Watching her then,he was swept back through time,to when they were so very young
Two carefree lovers had danced through the years,from the moment their song had begun
He looked to her face and remembered her smile,the beauty that held his heart so
He then bowed his head and with heavy heart said "my darling,it's now time to go"

At that moment he felt an overwhelming loss,he knew then that his love had passed
The single tear she had left,was one he would keep,for he knew it would be her last
So he kissed once again,the face of his love,and held trembling lips to her skin
He whispered to GOD "my how lucky we are,to have the finest star there's ever been"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Really this brought tears to my eyes,so beautiful yet so sad.Thank you.bouquet bouquet bouquet hug
i love this chenoa....if he loved her this much,its amazing!! you don't see that type of love anymore,our fast paced society doesn't allow it,everyone wants the next best thing,i guess life moves to fast now to appreciate a loving gleaming star,great write!!! i hope i meet someone like her!teddybear thumbs up heart wings
ChenoaSW - moving write with so much emotion...very well donehug
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