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A staggered thought was broken as a whistle filled the night
The 9:02 had just left town and farewelled all the lights
She echoed across the water,this bay where I call home
And on the breeze,I thought I heard "you are not alone"

I watched her leave and ride the rails,a sight as she sailed by
Her whistled sounding strong and clear,she met the night with pride
I wondered of her passengers and where they all would stand
When at last stop,they would get out and walk upon the land

Some will be in loving arms,greeted by their family and friends
Theres are those who will be waiting for a taxi to round the bend
There might even be a loner,in fact I know its tried and true
That no matter where the train pulls in,warmth will only touch a few

For in the world as we are sleeping,as we do our daily chores
There are many people lost,who do not have whats mine and yours
A family to love them and to help them walk the line
Just somebody who'll care enough,to meet the train on time
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Please give a thought to the many who are alone xx

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Comments (7)

I wonder how many really do to spare even a single thought.Great poem.bouquet bouquet
Great sentiment,, great poem,,,,
Beautiful thoughts and beautifully written teddybear
only terrific....awakens many to realize that many cannot exit the train as...there is no where else to go...
Excellent, is all I have to say...
all of my friends have already said it. You've screeched into town, the brakes squeelin'!
ChenoaSW - I just love your writing...the sytle and messages are amazing :)hug
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