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Beyond red wine hallucinations ,touching on her fantasies
A darkness with the stench of hell,comes creeping through the trees
The woods hold peering eyes,that watch with eerie glow
As he stalks her on a silent night,they watch,they fear,they know

For a moment in her breathing,there comes a rasping thought
Choking her with perception,and in it's wake she's caught
She sees him in her mind's eye,he is nearing with intentions
Bloodlust paints his crooked smile,he's the one she'd never mention

Naked sighs were held at night,when the world was fast asleep
She'd find her high,behind closed eyes,with him she felt complete
Mistress to the demons that danced beneath her skin
Sated by their playful fingers,wrapped up within the sin

Upon the late night air,as cold and mist did rightly form
He slowly made his way,to her wanton body,warm
Lost in ravenous thought,he grew hungry even more
To come and take away her breath,to leave his shadow on the floor

Come did he and she did wait, her wrists bound tight with lace
A devlish smile graced her lips,her hips,a predative sway
One moment for the waiting,then upon her body bare
He forced his way with evil,and held tight,her raven hair

Beyond red wine hallucinations ,touching on her fantasies
A darkness in the form of hell,came and answered silent pleas
The woods held peering eyes,that watched with eerie delight
As two creatures from the depths of lust,drank of each, throughout the night
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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agoodguy2have're not from around here are you...pant...pant
Very nice. :)

I enjoyed the attention to structure here, and some of the ideas presented in stanzas three, four, and five.

head banger
DEEPhead banger
OMG! real Bloodlust.Just amazing your imagination.thumbs up
ChenoaSW - creative! thumbs up
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