~A dropple of rain~

Did you ever gaze the stars
When the sun was out
Did you blow a gentle breeze
While the air was still

Did you hold that special moment that not another one did
Were you sculpted from such or did another shape break

Strewn cross the floor
A lovers ensemble
Of wings that adapt
To emotions portrayed

Did you ever wipe the droplets
Of rain beading down
Mixed in tears
Taking frowns
Away from your face

You say you never,
Have you held
that moment in brief
Such an innocent mind
Calibrated thief

Right and left fisted
You scour to dig
Some past that reckons
Comes, to re-nig

Virtue's a dream brought on by thought
What you had, what you held
Became virtual trot.

As her shoes walk a past of distant unknown
She becomes where she's at
Where she chose to be gone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2017

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Comments (16)

Well.. MY MY MY.. You really have come such a long way in your poetic endeavours........ Truly love this poem, and hope that everything is stupendous in your world. my old poetry friend.......... head banger
I remember Bentlee.
I loved reading your poem, it will touch everyone somewhere who reads.

Hope your well Bentlee blushing I remember that new word you taught me many moons ago about toes and camelswow what a shock I got, but now I am educated laugh laugh
It's all a matter of perspective and surrendering to the moment. Virtual trot...hmmm...yes indeed...can be seen when still. Haven't visited the corner for a while. It was wonderful to read your poem...as well as new poems from all the other great poets on this site. Sending warm wishes to you bentlee.hug
Hi Lee, yes it sure has been a while gone by, doing well here and getting the pen to some paper from time to time. All's well your way?
wine hug
Wow! Loved this. Missed your work. I always knew you had it in you and you
just proved it. Wonderfully crafted piece of poetry you've given us.
Hi Sophia, hope you are safe with all the happening there in NZ, prayers to you all. Thank you. wine comfort hug
Oh Red, one of my fav's as you have always been..............a gentle giant in you stirs with such proportional results, such a sweet lady you are, ty for your words and thoughts................wine comfort hug
Jazzy my beautiful friend, you've one of those minds that can delve into the abyss and give a logical outcome, always loved that about you, hugs. hug wine
Cafe, knowing your poetic skills I sit humbled with your words offered, ty for such a kind reply........cheers hug
godsprincessonline today!
I really great poem by a true poet. Sorry I missed it the first time around. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy wave
Thank you Kathy, I'm chomping at the bit for the words to start flowing again. The pillows been silent too long now wine hug
godsprincessonline today!
Here's hoping to great incentive and go fluff up those pillows!! wine
Cool.& Innovative.
thanks Kathy and spam for your positive words, cheers wine hug
godsprincessonline today!
Pushing you to the top as someone is taking over the section!

Kathy teddybear
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