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A Bunch of Scarlet Dogberries in Garth

A bunch of scarlet dogberries in garth
There on the faultline 'tween the summer and fall…
It’s such a pity that I wasn’t a poet born
So that I’d say how much with you I am in love.
How it’s impossible for me without you to live…
How day is empty when you’re not beside…
Wish that I were with you, to touch at least with eyes
Your lips, to be in love with you I wish…
How it’s impossible for me without you to live!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2017
About this poem:
“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”
— Plato

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Comments (3)

Wonderful poem dear. I really like this one. "At the touch of love
everyone becomes a poet."

Wish this poem, as simple as it is, were not just my translation, wish I were born a poet in real, so that I could talk, cause there is so much to tell!
Thank you, Cafe!hug
Abby1963online today!
Lovely poem bouquet
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