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Today nor Tomorrow

Its sad when things that you once thought you had in life starts fading away, when what you wanted 6 months ago is not at all what you want today. But as the days turn & the snow freezes the shit out of you, & as you walk outside take a deep breath of fresh air & realizes what you want today, is never guaranteed for tomorrow & no promises are meant to be kept forever with out a push & a pull, no weakness can’t be over come. Nothing is expected to be unexpected. What you once wanted today isn’t always what you get tomorrow. Life is a four letter meaning we have yet to discover, && I’m okay with waiting today to change my tomorrow.
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Posted: Apr 2010

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Yeah I know where you are coming from. I keep thinking tomorrow is when I get news of a new job. Tomorrow never seems to come. If it never comes though, that's life and there will be other jobs and other tomorrows. Well written.
You never know, the tomorrow I really want may come sooner than I think ey teddybear
yeah I do agree here. we always seem to what just something we ain't got. it's human nature! I think that longing keeps us moving along...uh...i think i feel a poem...
skysthelimit - i like your poem and look forward to reading more of your writing :)cheers
BEAUTIFUL!applause teddybear
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