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A Brownies Girl....Not

~Bentlee Challenge-One of your earliest funny memories~ Poem

The days were sunny
hockey sticks in the funny

the water cool
racing in the pool

ballet pointing
wanting to dance
just not

Sent to "Brownies"
all the immaculate
dressed brimming

finished swimming hair wet
was told
to stay away

kicked out of Brownies


Never made it to the Girl Guides
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2017
About this poem:
I was so into sports and in the late 60's you had to conform as a girl to brownies and girl guides my older sister did wonderfully, but i just was so into sport and dance,

I was in a swimming comp when I turned up at Brownies, and my hair being very long was all wet, I was ordered out of the line up.
My mum probably didn't give me a towel, was not about to tell the brownie leader lady.
We were quite poor.

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Comments (4)

Bentleeonline now!
Lol reminds me of when I was in scouts and I laughed about how you had to reform to their standardsbanana in an innocent way you bucked the system and I hope it makes you smile to this day. Ty Soph for your words here. wine hug
cheering good one I never made brownies or guidespeace
I remember an episode of the Brady Bunch when Peter became a sunflower girl. I never got too far in sports at school, though I did get some trophies bowling.daydream buddies
socrates44online today!

Perhaps the brownies and girl guides culture were not meant for you.

I admire how you maintained your dignity in the face of your poverty.
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